This unique system offers far better safety than standard in this field. A potential of this system is mainly possibility of further development. In 2016 work on further enlargement and improvement of the system will be started. 

Here are some of the upcoming extensions:

  • Interconnection with some door entry systems. Information about called flats and following door opening will be read from interconnected systems. We will check alternatively implement a possibility of recording voice communication between users.
  • Buttons for activation of other functions will be integrated into antenna PCB.
  • The antenna PCB will be produced also in waterproof version.
  • An input-output module connectable to RS485 bus enabling extension of number of inputs and outputs. Alternatively an existing module of other manufacturer will be tested.
  • Other functions, enabling a use of the reader as a simple burglar alarm system, data collection, activation of other appliances etc., will be implemented.
  • GSM communication will be developed.